Plays like distances in 15th Club app

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Plays like distances indicate the typical distance required to reach the target under 'best' conditions on your home golf course, providing valuable information for golfers to make better club choices.

Plays like distances are based on:

  • Wind
  • Elevation difference
  • Weather conditions
  • Altitude estimation based on sea level

(To open this detailed information, tap on info panel or 'i' icon next to 'Plays Like' button)

It means that if you are playing on a windy cold day, the Plays like distances will be greater than the actual GPS distances, so the app will recommend you to use more club. On the contrary, if you're playing on a warm day with fair wind, the Plays like distances will be shorter than the GPS distances, and club recommendations will display less club.

If you'd like to switch on the Plays like distances in 15th Club app, just start a new round as usual and tap on 'Plays like' on info panel, so the distances turn blue:

"What do I need to do if the Plays Like distances seems off?"

If the data in the app doesn't look right, please contact us at support@15club.golfYou can also create a new support ticket using this site, by tapping on 'New' in the upper right corner.

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