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Now you can easily track your shots with the 15th Club app! The feature is available for both iPhone (version 3.0.39 or newer) and Android (version 3.0.35 or newer).

Shot tracking feature allows you to review the round on the map, see precise distances of every tracked shot and collect insightful statistics. 

To start tracking your shots, just start a new round as usual, so you'll see the screen like this. The shot tracking button is located in the lower right corner:

First, tap on the '+ Shot' button before you hit a ball, so the bottom sheet is opened. Check that the location of the shot is correct, select the club and lie type, then tap on 'Track shot':

If the position of the shot is not correct and you'd like to change it, just tap on the 'Position' tab to enlarge the map. Drag the marker and tap 'Done':

When you select the club, you will see the list of clubs you currently have in your 'Golf Bag'. If you need to add a club, tap 'My Bag' > tap 'Add club' and follow the steps. 

Once you've tracked your first shot, you can make a hit and walk to the ball for the second shot. Repeat the tracking process again when you are at the ball, until you reach the green. 

When you are on the green, swipe up the '+ Shot' button and tap on '+ Putt':

Check that the location of the putt is correct, then select the lie type and tap on 'Track putt':

You can always track the putts without position. For this, just disable the toggle 'Track putt with position' in the opened bottom sheet. 

If you'd like to add the shots one by one without tracking their position, just tap on '+ Shot' button and turn off the toggle 'Track shot with position', then tap on 'Add shot'. The added score will be displayed next to your avatar at the bottom of the screen. You can always change the score by tapping on your avatar and using the Quick score. Learn more about this feature here.

There're also an option to add penalties with shot tracking button. Just swipe up the '+Shot', tap on '+ Penalty' and select its type:

If you've made a mistake while tracking your shots, you can edit the information during the round using the steps here.

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