How to edit the shots during the round?

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Sometimes you may forget to add some information for tracked shots or make some mistakes while adding the score. If the round is not finished, you can always edit the position of the shot, change club and lie type selection, delete or add shots on the map. 

First, tap on the shot you'd like to edit or swipe up the '+ Shot' button and tap on 'Edit', so the editing mode is opened:

Swipe the tabs at the bottom of the screen left and right to select the right shot which you'd like to edit. 

In editing mode you can:

  • set or change the club by tapping on the 'Set club' or club name;
  • select or change the lie type by tapping on Lie type tab;
  • delete the selected shot by tapping on the trash can icon;
  • change the position of the shot by dragging the yellow marker on the map;
  • add new shot/putt/penalty by tapping on '+' icon on the left or right side of the screen depending on which two shots you'd like to add the new one between. 

When you're done editing the shots, tap 'Finish editing', so main screen appears.

Here are more details about shot tracking.

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